Fall Blogs: Three Ways to Celebrate a Normal Day

Hey, y’all!

Grace here! 🙂 Today I’m so excited to do my first longer article here on the Her Heritage blog, and it ties in with this month’s theme, Party Month! This week, we talked about celebrations on the channel—from birthdays to holidays—but here on the blog I want to talk about something a little different: how to celebrate a normal day. 

Sure, it’s easy to find things to celebrate on a special day, but in my humble opinion, every day is a gift. Last year, after Hurricane Irma hit Florida and my family got out of the shelter we had gone into, we were positively giddy going into Publix. We were safe, our friends were safe, nobody’s house had been destroyed, and we were praising God for protecting us (as well as praying for people who were affected, such as those in Puerto Rico). Sure, the store was nearly bare, so we could hardly buy anything, but it was all a gift!

Honestly, nothing makes you appreciate life more than almost losing everything. However, I know from experience that we tend to fall into patterns and routines—and sometimes that feels good. I know that every week, I go to band, choir, and clogging on Mondays, and that I see the same people at the same times on those days. 

On the other hand, as we’re getting ready to move in a few short weeks, I find myself appreciating everything more. There are people that I’ve always liked, but never realized quite how much I value—and now I’ll be leaving them. It’s okay, of course, and I’m confident that this move is what God is guiding us towards, but at the same, I find myself wanting to celebrate the time that I have left with them.

So, how do you celebrate a normal day of going to school, work, or otherwise? How can you turn an average day into something more special without breaking the bank on money or time? What if you’re having an awful day and need to turn it around, fast?

Well…I’m glad you asked. 😉

  1. Dress Up!

Personally, I think that every girl (moms and daughters) should have one thing to wear that makes them super happy—it could be a piece of makeup, jewelry, shoes, jacket—anything! For me, this is red lipstick. I don’t wear it all the time, but it instantly makes me feel vintage, and that makes me ridiculously happy!

We live in a society where dressing up for everyday activities isn’t super mainstream, but knowing that I’m running out of time with my activities and friends here in Florida, I’ve started embracing dressing nicer, and it’s made a big difference in my self-esteem, too. Of course, clothing and appearance aren’t everything (not at all), but they can make a normal day into a special one. You wanna wear that brightly colored top or hair bow or sparkly necklace? Do it! 🙂

2.  Music!

Now, I am by no means a music guru—I didn’t start playing an instrument until I was about ten or twelve, and I’m no great singer, either, but I’ve learned over the years that a simple playlist of songs can turn an average day into a celebration. 

For example, when I turn on my Irish Folk Music playlist, I start remembering when I got to meet my favorite Irish band, and I get so giddy thinking about such a different, fun culture. Another big one for me is any kind of happy, vintage jazz or swing music—especially when combined with the red lipstick mentioned above, it makes me feel like I’m in my own little time machine. 🙂

Put together your own “celebration” playlist, just for you—and jam out whenever you need a pick-me-up!

3. Reach Out!

Let me preface this by saying that I am no social expert—goodness knows I say my fair share of awkward things. 😉 However, a great way to celebrate average activities is to reach out to someone else. This could be someone you don’t know very well. Ask them about themselves, compliment them, or invite them into a conversation. As someone who has been left out of social circles in the past, I can say that nothing feels better to a left-out person than being included. 

To sum up…I’ve had my “live everyday to the fullest” meter bumped up quite a few degrees because I know that I’ll be leaving all of my FL experiences behind soon—but you don’t need a reason like that to celebrate an average day. Like I said earlier, it’s the little things. 🙂 If you want to wear high heels to the grocery store, sing your heart out in the kitchen, or tell a little boy that his Super Mario shirt is cool, do it! 

There’s this thing in the world that tries to tell you having fun for no reason isn’t cool—that you need to have a reason to be “extra.” Well, this crazy redhead is here to tell you that living life to the fullest isn’t just a saying on a calendar with cat pictures. It’s real, and it’s a message that comes from God! 

In John 10:10, Jesus tells us that “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” 

In other words, God loves to see his children have joy—it’s not being “extra”. Because of the love God has shown us, we have the power to let our cups overflow with love and joy everyday, and you never know how that could positively affect those around you.

I hope you all enjoyed! Be sure to let me know in the comments how you and your family celebrate, on special occasions and normal days. 🙂 And don’t forget to check out our new video out this week!



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2 thoughts on “Fall Blogs: Three Ways to Celebrate a Normal Day”

  1. I just discovered this post and these are such great ideas! I especially love the suggestion to dress up, because feeling fancy is a great mood booster. It’s so good to appreciate each day and I’m going to try these out to fight the winter doldrums. You have such a wonderful positive attitude, Grace! 😀

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