Prepping for the new year

When we think about the New Year we are filled with anticipation and excitement. How does one prep for the New Year? Here are some helpful tips for preparing to ring in the New Year.

1. Set reasonable goals: So often we set ourselves up for failure because we set our goals too high and then beat ourselves up after we don’t reach them. Set small goals more often. Then before you know it you will have reached your big goal.

2. Write down your take away: What things did you learn in 2017 that you can carry over into 2018. Being thankful for the lessons we’ve learned and the spiritual insights God has taught us can be a great way to start the new year.

3. Celebrate with friends and family: There is no better way to start the new year then celebrating with the ones you love. Take time to celebrate. Enjoy the old while ringing in the new.

At Her Heritage we hope these 3 simple tips will help you start your New Year off in peace, prosperity and excitement for all the plans God has for you in 2018!!! Happy New Year from Her Heritage!

Author: heritageforher

Mother/Daughter team to be an encouragement to all women.

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