Fall Vlog: Poetry

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Be Still and Know That I am God

Take time before Thanksgiving and Christmas take over to be still and know and ask God what it is He would like you to do for others. He will give you the creativity to give good gifts. Do not feel driven this season. Make it a season of peace. Sometimes we just need to write a poem to help our creativity to flow. Choose the following pattern to write a poem. Who knows it might be your first gift for someone. Remember Ashley’s recommendation from the video to write an “I Am From” poem.

Poem Writing Template: Take anything and write one line for each literary device. It makes for a fun poem.

– 1. Alliteration: Repetition of initial consonant sound ( Peter Piper Picked a peck of pickled peppers.)

– 2. Personification: giving human characteristics to non human objects.( The wind whispered through the trees. The flowers danced in the gentle Breeze)

– 3. Rhyme: Words that have the same sound at the end. (Boat and Coat, Big and Pig, Cat and sat.)

– 4. Simile: Comparing two things using “like or as”. (My love is like a red red rose, my jacket is as green as grass.)

– 5.. Onomatopoeia: Words that imitate sounds. (Zip, bang, splash, thump, buzz)

– 6. Hyperbole: Exaggeration. (I told you a million times, That is the best gift ever, I will never do that again, He always does that.)

– 7. Authority: What people who are experts or older say about the thing or subject. ( My Mother says…, The doctor told me…., The manager of the store…..)

– 8. Question: Words used to inquire of someone or group? ( Did that taste good?, should I?, etc.)

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