Halloween: To Do or Not To Do?

We have our thoughts on halloween up!

Some wonderful ladies and daughters share their views on halloween. We also have a letter that a mom wrote about her experience growing up and her thoughts on halloween.

Here is the letter written from a mom:

**It is graphic so be warned when you read what she went through.

For many years, I refused to talk about what happened to me as a young child. I have recently been stepping out to share and bring awareness to the community.

My biological mother was physically disabled from birth and needed to use a wheelchair. While she was pregnant with me, her husband (my biological father) was arrested and convicted of a felony, so he was not around to help her raise me. By the time I was 2 years old, it became clear that she could no longer safely for care for me on her own, and I was placed in foster care.

By all outward appearances, my foster parents gave the impression that they were a conservative Christian family. They dressed in conservative, plain clothing, attended church every week and held to very strict rules. However, they actually worshipped Satan. Part of that worship included rituals that are practiced throughout the year. During these rituals, adults, children and animals were abused, tortured and killed. This included physical, sexual, emotional and spiritual abuse. The days leading up to, the day of and the days following Halloween are some of the most important on the satanic calendar and include this kind of ritualistic abuse. This is something that many people don’t like to talk about and don’t even want to believe is true, but it needs to be exposed because there are people still suffering.

As a young child living in this foster home, I experienced all of this. The most prevalent was sexual abuse and spiritual abuse. Abuse occurred on a regular if not daily basis outside of rituals. I woke up many nights to my foster father molesting me. One day, I was playing outside with my foster sister, swinging on the swing. For some reason, she pushed me off the swing. When I told my foster father, I was paddled and locked in the closet. I was very young, about 3 years old, so I didn’t know how long it was, but I know I was very hungry and had wet my pants several times because I couldn’t hold it any longer. By the time they let me out, I had fallen asleep. Another time, we were getting ready for church, and I couldn’t find the shawl I had to wear. I was put in the chest where the shawl was supposed to be kept and left there while they went to church.

Abuse was just a way of life for them. I don’t think they knew any other way to live. But, the rituals went way beyond this type of daily abuse. In fact, they were so horrific and designed to cause such torment and torture, I preferred the times I was locked in the closet or left in the chest. Not only did terrible things happen to me, I was forced to witness other children and adults being tortured.At one of

these rituals a dog was slaughtered in front of us and we were placed inside the carcass and forced to find a way out. One time, they had me hanging by one leg and one arm while they tortured and abused me. Eventually, the ropes were cut and I fell to the floor landing on my shoulder and head. This is probably one of the most physically painful memories I have.

In another ritual, I was lying on a stone table and raped by so many people, a line of people waiting as if they were drunk on the evil of it all. I was so little and it seemed endless. I laid there naked, covered in every bodily fluid and excrement. They spat on me, smeared me with blood and feces and urinated on me. I was forced to eat and drink these things as well. I couldn’t have felt dirtier, more filthy and worthless in that moment. That is when a man who pretended to be Jesus cleaned me up. He seemed to be tender and kind, and the only person I really trusted.

On my fourth birthday, they took me out to a park for a birthday party. I was so excited, as most young children are on their birthday. I had been given a beautiful white dress, which I wore for the celebration, and I had flowers in my hair. I was told I was getting married that day. It was a wonderful day, but when darkness came, the mood shifted from a celebration to dread. More people had arrived. I knew these people; bad things happened when they came around.

Suddenly, I was surrounded by people with hoods and masks on. They were trying to make me do something absolutely horrible. Nothing in me wanted to do this. I was terrified. I wanted to leave. I wanted to disappear. But, there was nowhere to hide. The park where we were was not a children’s park. It was a secluded outdoor sanctuary. I refused to do what they wanted, and they threatened me and my foster brother who was just a baby if I didn’t do it. I still can’t speak of what it was. It was so horrible. Finally, they physically forced me to be part of this horribly heinous act. Immediately afterward, the man who always pretended to be Jesus came. He spit on me, hit and kicked me. He screamed, he hated me and would never forgive me and wanted nothing to do me ever again. At this point, he shoved me over toward Satan. That is who I was marrying that day. They married me to Satan.

These are the types of things that go on behind the scenes on Halloween. These are the things that no one wants to talk about. People don’t want to believe that this kind of horror happens. This is why my family chooses not to participate in

Halloween related activities. I cannot follow along with traditions that celebrate evil. I know many believe it is all fun and pretend, but evil things happen on this day. I cannot participate while knowing that innocent adults, children and animals are being hurt and even killed.

As Halloween approaches, I am reminded of Psalm 118:24 which says, “This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it!” But, what are we celebrating on October 31s t? Typical Halloween celebrations celebrate death, destruction, witchcraft and evil? Just think about the symbols of this day: skeletons, graveyards, witches, goblins, etc. Our family chooses to celebrate the life we have received through Jesus Christ. The real Jesus — the Living God — is the one who rescued me and healed my shattered heart! I celebrate Him and pray for those who are still caught in this lifestyle. Each family has to determine what they will do on this day. I simply encourage you to seek the Lord for His will for you and your family. He will lead you!

Please comment and let us know how you celebrate!!

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